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MAGNET VDC Solutions

Easily manage your modeling projects

One step farther than BIM, MAGNET VDC Solutions bring your design to 3D reality for value-based clash detection and construction phase planning. Import design models from a variety of software packages and quickly improve your design quality, enhance on-site collaboration, and get a greater ROI.

MAGNET Modeler and Explorer are now part of the MAGNET suite, providing you with simple, powerful multi-disciplinary model management.

Make managing your modeling process painless with the help of virtual design and a fully digital model-based workflow. These easy to use software solutions integrate smoothly with almost any design solutions and data formats used in construction and maintenance.

  • Multi-disciplinary model management
  • Collaboration tools
  • Easy integration and data import
  • Design analysis and simulation
  • Ability to share models
  • Value-based clash detection

MAGNET Modeler for Autodesk®

Converts 2D data into 3D BIM solid models

MAGNET Explorer #01 Introduction:

MAGNET Explorer #02 Clash Detection:

MAGNET Explorer #03 4D / 5D:

MAGNET Explorer #04 Clip Planes:

MAGNET Explorer #05 Measurement:

MAGNET Explorer #06 Object Information:

SmoothRide Resurfacing

Better, from start to finish

Welcome to a better way to pave and mill. Our SmoothRide system makes your projects safe, easy, and more efficient. The need for traffic lane closures is gone, quick 3D scanning has replaced hours of cross-section measurements, and intuitive software now delivers better results throughout the paving and milling process.


  • Safely collect at speed without lane closures. 
  • Resurfacing specific software – including on demand tonnage updates as you adjust your design
  • Achieve rideability and satisfy regulatory guidelines
  • Variable depth milling
  • Uniform thickness paving
  • Consistent smoothness for miles of paving or milling
  • Account for differential compaction 
  • Eliminate the need for averaging skis
  • Eliminate time consuming and costly survey work
  • Bid and spec jobs in advance with accurate surface data
  • Maximize man hours and materials, eliminating the need for re-work

RD-M1 Scanner

Vehicle Mounted Road Resurfacing Scanner

RD-MC Machine Control

3D Resurfacing Solution for Paving and Milling

Simple workflow, big savings on time and money

Simple workflow, big savings on time and money

Collect - Plan and conduct detailed road surface scanning sessions without the need for costly lane closures or re-work. The easy to install scanner collects millions of data points that are collected safely from the cab of the truck. So surveying the road surface is as simple as pressing the start button on your laptop.

Design – Make your job come alive and efficiently create and manage large point cloud information with our intuitive “Mobile Master Office” software. Once done, a seamless transfer into MAGNET Office software’s unique “Resurfacing” module brings out the full array of software features needed to meet smoothness and cross slope requirements while adhering to any minimum or maximum thickness specified for the job.

Control - At the project site, results are real and immediate enabling you to continue with paving or milling on the same day that scans were collected.

Design and Plan Management


Whether you’re receiving CAD plans, common PDF files, or developing your own resurfacing profile, we have an end-to-end management solution that’s built for you.

Begin your job with a material-driven estimate using MAGNET Office software's Takeoff module. Enter site specific construction materials, even borehole data and strata information, and quickly build design surfaces, create cost and volume reports, as well as develop 3D models.

➤ Continue your project with MAGNET Office software's Mass Haul module to plan your entire project using the data transferred from Takeoff.

➤ Next fine tune the operation and jump into scheduling in DynaRoad. You can manage the actual work against the plan in Sitelink3D, using real-time site data for progress reports, billing, scheduling, and design adjustments.

➤ When the job is done, record as-built data for your final documentation.

The key is easy connectivity, for proven productivity. Therefore, all of our software applications interact easily. MAGNET Enterprise's secure services allow you to transfer your files into and out of Autodesk's AutoCAD 360 service, so you can work on any aspect of the project without interrupting the overall workflow.


3D constructible model and survey software

MAGNET Construction

Takeoff, 3D constructible model, and survey software

Topcon Project

Earthwork planning software for project managers


Site management system


Save time and money by using a centralized and secure design management suite. From minimizing cut/fill volumes to eliminating downtime and re-work, a fully digital workflow pays you back many times over. 

We offer powerful features available at the touch of a button:

  • Solve complex problems with volume calculation and balancing
  • Optimize haul paths with the most efficient routes
  • Track job progress based on real-time machine data


An all-digital design management workflow accumulates data you can use. Here are just some of the many long-term benefits:

  • Review the accuracy of estimates
  • Identify areas for improvement such as time and equipment
  • Sharpen your bidding practices

Where did you run over schedule and if so, by how much? When did you assign too many resources, and what could have sufficed instead? By getting the accurate answers to these questions you will have a more productive, more efficient operation that is ultimately more profitable.

Design and Planning for Road Building


Topcon delivers a unique toolset for road building and repair. We offer powerful features to specify, design and prep for all kinds of road construction projects. Our resurfacing module is far simpler to use than competitive products, providing paving and profiling contractors with the capabilities they need to plan and complete projects successfully.

Meet Job Specifications most efficiently

Controlling costs while meeting contract requirements is a balancing act, and Topcon can help. Balance material thickness, optimize lifts and achieve superior results through our automated calculation routines. And know that Topcon 3D grading and paving solutions will use the resulting 3D design files to meet final surface specs within millimeters.

Desktop solutions that extend seamlessly to the field

Topcon design and planning solutions solve real-world workflows,
and put the power in your hands to drive success company-wide.

For geopositioning, construction and mapping professionals the MAGNET suite links field to office in a secure online environment, improving management for entire teams.

Topcon Project
Topcon Project

Earthwork planning software for project managers
MAGNET Construction
MAGNET Construction

Takeoff, 3D constructible model, and survey software

3D constructible model and survey software
MAGNET Modeler for Autodesk®
MAGNET Modeler for Autodesk®

Converts 2D data into 3D BIM solid models

3D virtual model web-sharing

Our software is designed for the way you work, with both specialized and modular solutions that integrate with Topcon hardware, and cloud connectivity to bring it all together.

MAGNET Collage Web
MAGNET Collage Web

Share and collaborate with 3D point clouds and meshes
MAGNET Collage
MAGNET Collage

Process, combine, and analyze 3D point clouds from diverse sensors
MAGNET 3D Exchange
MAGNET 3D Exchange

Machine control file type conversion
3D Office
3D Office

3D site plan management

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