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Spraying control to spreading control. Boom height control to crop health monitoring and digital farm management. Topcon offers a full spectrum of crop care solutions.

Control down to the nozzle

Accurate and reliable spraying control including auto-section and variable rate for 100+ sections and up to 8 products for nearly any self-propelled or pull-type sprayer. Designed for any operation, the solution enables control down to the nozzle.

Real payback

Reduce inputs

Reduce fuel and time by executing according to plan. Perform fewer, more impactful applications.

Increase yield

By maximizing crop potential through improved uniformity and health.

Dependable boom height control

Through our Norac heritage in time and field proven ultrasonic sensor technology, the Topcon boom height control solution automatically maintains a preset, desired height, smoothly following the contours of the land. It’s the glue that enables accurate and advanced application control.

Crop health optimization

Real-time integrated crop monitoring application solution developed in cooperation with Yara International. Monitor in-field variability, treat on the go, or keep data for future analysis and optimization. Reliable, high-resolution ground-level data designed for the digital future.

Topcon technology is modular. What do you need?

Monitoring and control

Capture and visualization

Analysis and optmization

Spread according to plan

Reliable application control for dry and granular manure spreaders machines, including optional weight verification and digital farm management (TAP) integration.

Proven load monitoring and logging

Proven hydraulic-load-sensor based weighing for the full-range of material handling applications with options based on machine type and desired capability from basic weight monitoring to data logging.

HiPer VR
HiPer VR

High Tech, Versatile GNSS receiver
MR-2 Modular GNSS Receiver
MR-2 Modular GNSS Receiver

Flexible Modular GNSS Receiver

Boom Height Control
Boom Height Control

Automated boom height control for consistent, level spray application.

CL-55 cloud connectivity device
CL-55 cloud connectivity device

Automatic data transfer from fleet tracking and key applications

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