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Tools to optimize soil

Drainage is critical to yield. Tillage can be essential for fertility. Precision measurement is the solution.

Tillage according to plan

Tillage according to plan

Topcon Tillage Depth Control maintains a constant depth through any condition, significantly improving accuracy and executing tillage to plan.

Payback in tillage depth control

Reduce inputs

Reduce fuel and time by executing to plan.

Increase yield

Increase yield through better soil health and crop emergence.


  • Automatic tillage depth control at preset depth
  • Proven, leading hardware (NORAC BHC Technology)
  • Powerful Horizon OS when coupled with Topcon Console
  • Interface flexibility (ISO-UT)
  • Suite of compatible Topcon solutions

Landforming maintains fertility and optimizes drainage

“Since we started with AGForm-3D in 2009, we’ve found the software is the key that opens closed doors”

- Jose Aguero President and Chairman, AgriCien

Payback in landforming

Reduce inputs

Reduce fuel and time by executing to plan. AGForm-3D moves the least soil possible.

Increase yield

Research indicates drainage has the greatest impact on yield. Optimize outcomes through improved drainage and retain fertility by moving minimal soil.


  • Complete survey, design, and execute solution
  • Software (AGForm-3D) that determines the best design and moves the least soil possible
  • Proven hardware
  • Powerful Horizon OS when coupled with Topcon Console
  • Suite of compatible Topcon solutions

Spread according to plan

Our reliable application control for dry and granular manure spreaders includes optional weight verification and digital farm management (TAP) integration.

Payback in spreading control

Reduce inputs

Reduce fuel and time by executing to plan. Perform fewer, more effective applications.

Increase yield

Increase yield by maximizing crops through improved uniformity and health.


  • Automatic spreading control including variable rate and data logging
  • Proven, reliable hardware
  • Universal compatibility (AEF ISOBUS Certified).
  • Optional weight verification to enhance calibration and operation
  • Optional digital farm management integration to optimize performance

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