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The commonly asked question “How are you?” has changed during the last decade to “Where are you?”

Education and position are key...

Knowledge of your location is taken for granted these days. Kids grow up with this knowledge, without thinking about it. However, locating yourself with a smart phone & using a precision position measurement system are two different things!

Learning Experience
Learning Experience

Topcon combines the latest technology innovations with easy student access. Our program offers attractive models for any institute that wants precise positioning to be part of their educational courses. Give students a chance to learn while they experience and explore professional equipment.

Educate with the latest
Educate with the latest

Topcon is the industry’s trendsetter. Topcon’s educational program offers schools and universities the latest in technology, software, cloud management and workflows. Your education will elevate using these tools.

Prepare for the future
Prepare for the future

Ideally, you should be delivering course materials that are as close to reality as it is possible be... in this way, your students will forever cherish the opportunities they received during those lectures. The opportunity to have access to the professional tools used in daily life will set the tone for their job-decisions later in life.

Both smart packages and in-depth
training solutions for education

Topcon solutions are a great fit for our educational partners,
with durable, accurate hardware and powerful, easy-to-use software.

Educational Positioning Packages

Educational Positioning Packages

There are a number of different positioning product solutions available as part of the Topcon Educational Partnership Program; these are divided into three main categories GNSS, Optical / Survey and Software.


Topcon (GNSS) Global Navigation Satellite System, aka GPS, receivers are able to pick any satellite positioning signal that is available. They are used in countless applications. Typically you will find Topcon solutions in surveying, mapping, GIS, archeology, forensics, construction, agriculture, forensics and forestry. 

Our products are modular so for all these different industries we use the same core components and then tailored to the specialty need. The GNSS packages in our Educational Program are set up in such a way that they will serve your educational need.

The selection of packages include base station and rover sets, GNSS network rovers, and GNSS network reference stations.


Today's surveyor has an incredible array of tools at their disposal to boost efficiency, accuracy and profitability. Topcon has a long history in optical instruments; through-the-lens technology, being the first with robotics, matrix detection, hybrid technology and video feed.

The selection of available packages are designed around each of the different technologies. 


Solutions for iIn the field and in the office... and in between!

Field data collection software enables the collection of confident field measurements and perform construction stakeout, land surveying, and road layout functions; using total stations, levels, and GNSS receivers. Perform topography and layout functions with a geo-located satellite imagery background.

Office software is available to fulfill many different processing tasks, including the synchronising of field and design data for processing and modeling for surveying and grading applications.

Topcon Enterprise Solution is a web-based solution for your institute to manage your field and office data in the cloud. Track your assets and communicate with all those involved on projects or course. Login from any browser to support your student individually and live .

The software packages available have a natural fit with the all GNSS and Optical/Survey educational packages on offer. 

Easy to Get Started


Choose your educational kit

Identify the kit you need for your curriculum. Choose within the categories of GNSS, Optical/Survey and Software.


Contact Topcon

Contact you nearest Topcon representative and get assistance in the getting your desired equipment and training.  


Start educating

Use the knowledge gained at Topcon online or instructor lead training, build your curriculum material with our assets and use top equipment in your top classes.



Topcon believes the best way to maintain our competitive position in the market is to ensure that professional, comprehensive training programs are available for all levels of the distribution cycle, from Topcon staff, to dealer personnel, to the people that use our products on a daily basis, and students that come into contact these instruments for first time.

Topcon University

To achieve a great training program, we’ve assembled a team of experts to manage and run our Topcon University; the professional training group that delivers a variety of training options. The Topcon University Team offers live instructor-led programs, and creates the online training content, live webinars. All featured on Topcon TotalCare.

Teaching Materials

We realise and understand that Topcon training and your curriculum are not necessary going to be the same. To enable you to complete your lesson plan material you will be able to have access to our extensive asset library. This library contains thousands of images, graphics, animations, descriptive text and videos. All searchable, downloadable and with rights to use straight away. 

Easy to Get Started


Log in

Get your log in account for TotalCare and our asset libraries.


Explore and Train yourself

Take the tour through the assets and training material. Get trained on your lesson equipment before students dive in and be ahead of the game.


Take what you need

See anything interesting? Download it and use it for your curriculum. 

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