Athene: Initial setup parameters

Initial setup parameters

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Athene: Initial setup parameters

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Spreader Config

Spreader Config, Channel Setup, Belt Valve Setup, Loadcell Interface, SL2 Setup, and Angle Tare settings can be found under the Factory Menu button.

  • Max Weight: Set this to the maximum weight allowed to load into the spreader.

Channel Setup

  • Feedback: The pulse per revolution ratio from the belt speed sensor to the belt drive shaft.
  • Response: A lower setting results in a slower response and increases the time taken for the application rate to match the target rate. A higher setting results in a faster response. If the application rate is unstable and varies above the target rate, then the response setting may be too high. Refer to the calibration manual for adjustments.

Belt Valve Setup

  • Set PWM maximum and minimum duty percent and shaft RPM.
  • PWM Frequency is determined by the valve operating specs. Most valves use 100 Hz. The Default is 100.

Loadcell Interface

  • Function: Set to the number of load cell interface modules connected to the system or set to Scale Link if the Scale Link sytem is used. Then enter the SL2 Setup Page.
  • Load Zero: The volt reading from the load cells when the system is empty.
  • Load Gain: The tons per volt calibration. This will be determined by the load cells connected to the system.

SL2 Setup

  • Setup Number: Enter the appropriate number for the load cell system being used.
  • Cal: Enter the appropriate number for the load cell system being used.

Angle Tare

  • Correct the load cell box orientation using the cycle button and then press the TARE button to level the angles used by the Athene.


Width settings can be found under the Main Menu button.

  • Product Width: Set to the spreading width of the machine. The default is 50 ft. 


Prestart settings can be found under the Main Menu button.

  • Prestart: Set to the desired time length to run the Prestart at the beginning of a load.

Product Setup

  • Select the Product and tap on the product name to change if desired.
  • The Rate can be adjusted to the desired amount, or this can be done on the Main Screen.
  • The T Factor does not need to be adjusted as this is an automatic value.