Delta Link: Quick Start Guide

How to setup up your Delta Link hardware and configure for initial use. 

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Delta Link: Quick Start Guide

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Initial Setup

The Delta Link box has an IP65 rating, which allows it to be install outdoors. The location should be chosen so as to avoid direct sunlight. 

  1. Make sure the power plug of the Delta Link box is disconnected.
  2. Open the Delta Link box and insert your SIM card.  
  3. Connect all supplied components to the Delta Link box, as shown pictorially above. 
  4. If all connections are made properly, the Delta Link box will boot automatically.
  5. Connect to the Delta Link box using your computer, via WLAN or LAN connection
    1. WLAN (WiFi):
      1. Connect via SSID (network key of your Delta Link box is located on the back of the box (e.g. DeltaLinkMGMT0001)
      2. Default password is 33dlwlandefault (can be changed later)
      3. After the first startup, the regional settings should be checked
    2. LAN:
      1. For connection using "Bonjour print service" follow link
      2. Connection with Delta Link network is established automatically
  6.  A VNC server is installed and configured on the Delta Link so that the Delta Link can be operated using a PC with a VNC viewer. Install a VNC viewer (VMT recommends the Tight VNC viewer).

  7. Start the Tight VNC viewer 
    1. If using WiFi:
      1. Insert the Default IP address:
      2. Default password: dlvnc (it can be changed later!)
    2. If using LAN:
      1. Insert the host name (for example) DeltaLink000001.local
      2. Default password: dlvnc (it can be changed later!)
  8. After the first start-up, the regional settings should be checked