DynaRoad: Plan - Import Volumes

Importing volumes from Excel into DynaRoad

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DynaRoad: Plan - Import Volumes

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Importing volumes from Excel spreadsheet

  • Select Quantities from the Import section of the Project tab
  • Select one or more Excel files to import
    • Match the units between the Excel file and DynaRoad project
  • Select Next
  • Match imported locations to project locations:
  • Match the Bill of Materials in Excel file with existing locations in DynaRoad.
  • Select Next
  • Match imported units to project units:
  • The imported units have to be matched with those in the DynaRoad project.
  • Select Next
  • Match imported material types to project material types:
  • The task types from the Excel file must be matched to those in the DynaRoad project.
  • Select Next
  • Quantities will be imported into the project:
    • This displays the imported quantities listed by task type.
  • Select Finish
  • The mass haul view shows task quantities and the mass haul plan.