HT-30: Basic Training - Count Settings Menu

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HT-30: Basic Training - Count Settings Menu

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Access Count Settings Menu

  • Press Topcon button, if necessary, to access on-screen menu
  • Select Haul
  • Select Count Settings

Auto-Load/Dump Logic Choices

  • Loads can be controlled via manual interaction using the Load/Dump icon on the main screen
  • Alternatively, various criteria can be established to automatically trigger a Load or Dump event

Lack of Movement

  • Check this box and select distance and time variables that will trigger an automatic Load/Dump event
  • Due to the low-grade GNSS patch antenna, positional measurements may vary by multple meters. 
  • Also keep in mind that external influences such as traffic or railroad crossings may trigger a Load/Dump event if no other criteria is applied.

Near Previous Load/Dump Sites

  • Check this box and select a distance that will trigger an automatic Load/Dump event
  • **Please note that for this option to work, Load/Dump events/locations must already be recorded using other criteria or the manual Load/Dump button on the main screen. After Resetting the Load Counter, new positions must be established for this logic to function

Designated Load/Dump Areas

  • When this option is selected, hauls will automatically be counted if the truck is within a task area or closed polyline that is named "LOAD" or "DUMP"
  • Task areas can only be created and assigned within Sitelink
  • A closed polyline can be created via the on-screen context (right-click)  menu, which can be accessed by pressing the '>' button on your device, or holding down on the screen. 

Display Tab

  • Lists three options for displaying how hauls are displayed and stored. 
  • Select first checkbox if you would like to store a point at the location of each Load/Dump event and have it displayed on the screen as an 'X'.
  • Select the second checkbox to show haul paths as a polyline (empty hauls in blue, loaded hauls in red)
  • Optionally toggle the third checkbox to show only the current haul path, or all haul paths since last Reset. 
  • Current path (left)
  • All paths (right)