MAGNET Field: Importing Field Codes into Autodesk Point Layout

How to import a code library into Autodesk Point Layout (created in the MAGNET Field environment) and perform a code mapping for further export to MAGNET Field.

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MAGNET Field: Importing Field Codes into Autodesk Point Layout

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Creating Field Codes

  • Create your Field Codes in MAGNET Field
  • Make sure you have all codes to match your needs in the Autodesk Point Layout model
  • Export your codes as a Topcon XML (*.xml) Code Library


Use guidelines in "MAGNET Field: Creating a Field Code Library“ 

Importing Codes into Autodesk Point Layout

  • Create your points based on CAD / BIM entities by using the Autodesk Point Layout add-in in AutoCAD, Navisworks or Revit
  • In this example we have:
    • Control points
    • Hanger points
    • Slab points
    • Wall points
    • Sleeve points
  • Select Edit CodeMap in the Customize group
  • Select Import from File in the Code Mapping window
  • Browse to your exported Topcon XML (*.xml) Code Library
  • Select Open
  • Select Add in the Code Mapping window
  • Select the ellipsis to get a selection window of all available APL points in the model
  • Use the Filter & Select All/None option to select a specific portion of points (for instance just control points)
  • Select OK
  • Select the matching MAGNET Code in the drop-down list
  • Select Save to populate the matching codes into the Code Mapping Library
  • Match all your APL point descriptions with MAGNET Codes and Save them into the Code Mapping Library
  • Select Close

Exporting Points out of Autodesk Point Layout

  • Select DXF/DWG in the Coordinate tab
  • Select the {3D} view
  • Select DWG/DXF (DWG)
  • Select your Output Scale (Feet)
  • Select your Coordinate System if necessary (Project coordinates)
  • Specify a File Path and a Name for the DWG
  • Select Export in the Coordinate group
  • Specify your Point Export Order (X,Y,Z)
  • Specify your Output Units (Decimal Feet)
  • Check Include Code column
  • Define a Export File Name and a File Location
  • Select OK