TopNET Global-D: Locating the AGI-4 PAC number

PAC ID Number Location

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TopNET Global-D: Locating the AGI-4 PAC number

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TopNET Global-D Correction Selection

  • To activate a TopNET Global-D subscription you will need the PAC number associated with the AGI-4 you intend to use the subscription. TopNET Global-D needs to be select as your GPS Correction Source to locate this number.
  • On the console select System / GPS / Correction  and select "TopNET Global D" as the correction source.
  • Note: This option is only available if the console is updated to at least 3.22.20 and the AGI-4 is loaded with 4.5Y14p3 firmware or higher and contains the VPPP OAF.

Locating the PAC ID

  • Return to the home screen and select GPS Information mini view on the left.
  • Select the GPS Accuracy tab in the mini view.
  • Select the TopNET Global diagnostics window.
  • Locate the TopNET Global PAC: number toward the bottom of the list. If using an X25/X14 console you will need to scroll down to locate it.