TRU (Topcon Receiver Utility): Configuring a GNSS Base and Rover

This guide goes over the process for setting up a GNSS base and rover using Topcon Receiver Utility

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TRU (Topcon Receiver Utility): Configuring a GNSS Base and Rover

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  • Topcon Receiver Utility can be used to configure a GNSS base and rover.
  • The exact procedure may vary slightly between different models, but the overall procedure is the same:
    • Determine how you want the base to communicate (radio or serial).
    • Configure the receiver to broadcast with the chosen communication method.
  • This guide will focus on configuring a base to broadcast with the internal radio.

Configure the Radio Settings For the Base

  • Connect to modem managing.
  • Most Topcon GNSS receivers have the internal radio on port C.
  • Configure the radio settings and press the red circle to save the settings to the radio.
  • Be sure to remember these settings so the rover can be configured to match the base.

Configure the Receiver Settings For the Base

  • Connect to Receiver Managing
  • Go to Receiver Settings > Tracking and Positioning > Base tab.
    • Choose the antenna type.
    • Input the antenna reference point coordinates.
    • Press OK.
  • Go to Receiver Settings > Ports.
  • Double-click on Serial C. (Serial C is the radio port for most Topcon survey receivers)
  • Change the Input Mode to None.
  • Change the Output Mode to the desired format (RTK CMR, RTK RTCM3.1 etc).
  • Go to the Serial tab.
  • Verify the baud rate and flow control (RTS/CTS) match what was configured in Modem Managing.
  • Press OK.
  • You can now disconnect from TRU.
  • The base should now be broadcasting

Configure the Rover

  • This procedure is nearly identical to configuring the base.
  • First, configure the radio settings.
  • Next, configure the receiver settings.
  • Go to Receiver Managing > Receiver Settings > Ports. Double click on Serial C.
  • Change the input to match what you set the output on your rover to. Press OK.
  • Go to Receiver Managing > Receiver Settings > Positioning tab.
  • Change Positioning Mode to RTK Fixed.
  • Press OK.
  • Go to Receiver Managing > Status.
  • You should see RTK Fixed in the status.

Additional Information

  • This procedure can be used as a guide for all Topcon GNSS receivers.
  • If you wish to configure a base with an external radio, simply choose the correct port to output on a serial cable.
    • HiPers, GR-3, GR-5 serial connection is port A.
    • MR-1, MR-2, Net-G3, Net-G3A, Net-G5 can choose multiple different ports.
  • An easy test to verify that output over serial was done correctly is to connect the serial cable to your PC/data collector and use TRU to go to Application Mode > Simple Terminal. You should see scrambled characters on screen. That lets you know the base is outputting over serial.
  • If your external radio is  not broadcasting but you can see the data in SImple Terminal, there is a mismatch in serial settings between your Topcon receiver and the external radio. Double check all serial settings.