Professional Analysis
and Management

For the agronomist or technological-minded farmer looking to maximize efficiency while limiting down-time in the office.

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Tailor-made for
the co-op, agronomist
or tech-minded farmer

SGISpro builds on the functionality of SGISfarm by adding in many powerful analysis tools that can be used to highlight the relationships between yields, soil testing information and application data. SGISpro users can efficiently and effectively offer multi-product and VRT plans customized to suit a grower’s exact requirements and demands. User-definable templates allow for ease of importing soil test, yield and as-applied data to make the most informed decisions possible to maximize the profitability of a farming operation.


SGISpro allows users to easily create flat or variable rate application plans, utilizing any number of variables, for one or multiple products. Also featured are numerous batch processes for report/book creation, multiple map/machine type creation and field boundary importing tools. SGISpro is designed around maximizing efficiency in the office as well as in the field.

Tailor your prescriptions
to local conditions or requests

SGISpro features an industry-exclusive process for tailoring variable rate applications to include local requirements as well as customers’ specific requests. This feature sets SGIS apart as the most powerful agronomic tool available to allow users to utilize their knowledge of local conditions and preferred practices to guide the development and implementation of accurate variable rate applications.

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