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Economical way to turn your Bluetooth® HiPer SR rover into a UHF rover

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Extend your Hiper SR's range

R4T-BT is an innovative external radio designed to offer superior RTK performance with GNSS receivers. This is a unique solution with integrated batteries and features. Bluetooth® communication. At the same time; it provides an external UHF option for the HiPer SR receiver product line.

Key Features include:

  • Wireless modem configuration and data transfer via Bluetooth®
  • Light, weighing only 400 g
  • Long operational time
  • Receive Mode: 20 hours
  • Transmit Mode: 6 hours at 1 W
  • IP67 Rating


Extend your range

The R4T-BT combines a UHF radio, Bluetooth, and an internal battery all together in a rugged IP67 classified housing. If you need to extend the communication radio range between your RTK Base Station and Rover, the R4T-BT is a perfect fit.

Get more out of your existing equipment

If you already have a HiPer SR but find yourself on a bigger job site or without a clear line-of-sight, you’re now able to extend the range from up to 300 m to miles. Even if you have a third-party GNSS receiver, our open architecture lets you easily adapt the R4T-BT into your workflow and create a modular solution.

Stay connected

The R4T-BT is perfect in situations without a network connection, or where network or cellular connections are poor. Simply add on this external UHF radio and extend the range between the base and rover. Ready for the field With an IP67 certification, the R4T-BT is ready to tackle even the toughest jobs. The housing is water and dustproof for rough outdoor conditions.

R4T-BT is perfect for:

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R4T-BT Specifications

403 – 473 MHz
Channel Spacing*
12.5 / 25 kHz
*Software selectable
Carrier Power
0.1, 0.2, 0.5, 1 W / 50 ohm
Data modem
RS-232 / USB
Data Speed of RS Interface
9600 – 115200 bps
Data Speed of Radio Interface
28800 bps (25 kHz)
USB to serial interface
BT2.1 + EDR and BLE 4.1 wireless connectivity
M12 circular / TNC female
Physical and Environmental
7200 mAh
Power and Electrical
Operation Time
6 hours at
TX 1 W (50 %)
8 hours at
TX 0.5 W (50 %)
20 hours at
RX only
Operating Voltage
12 to 30 VDC
Power Consumption
Charging 7.4 W
Charging + RX 8.4 W
Charging + TX 13.2 W at 1 W RF
Device off 0.46 W
RX 1.32 W
TX 5.8 W at 1 W RF
Operating Temperature
-20ºC to 60ºC
-40ºC to 85ºC
163 x 49 x 49 mm
(h x w x d)
420 g

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