Troubleshooting: Collection of RTK Data for Analysis

This article describes the step-by-step process for collecting RTK data for analysis.

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Troubleshooting: Collection of RTK Data for Analysis

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When to Collect Data for Analysis:

  • Bad Fixes
  • Cannot achieve a Fixed RTK solution under normal conditions
  • Cannot achieve accurate result, either with RTK or Static
  • Increase of customer complaints about the performance of Topcon GNSS receivers
  • Comparing RTK engines
  • Suspicion of signal jamming
  • Firmware defects

System Requirements

Please refer to myTopcon for the latest versions of software and firmware listed below:

  • Field Collector with MAGNET Field - Current released version
  • TRU - Version 3.1 or later
  • 2 GNSS receivers - Base & Rover
  • Latest firmware available for the receivers
  • SD card - Formatted according to the receiver OR use a receiver with internal storage
  • Receiver data transfer cables
  • Fully charged batteries
  • External power source - If needed


Field Preparation: Clearing the GNSS Receiver's NVRAM using TRU

To clear NVRAM:

  • Connect to the GNSS receiver using TRU in Receiver Managing Mode
  • Select Tools
  • Select Factory Reset

Field Preparation: Generating a Detailed GNSS Receiver Report in TRU

A TRU Detailed Receiver Report will need to be generated before AND after collection

To create the Receiver Report while in Receiver Managing Mode:

  • Select Information
  • Select Save to File


GNSS Base & Rover Initialization

  • Turn on the receivers
  • Let the GNSS receivers track SVs for at least 15 minutes to collect the almanac before starting to collect the raw data and RTK session.

MAGNET Field Survey Configuration

The following settings will enable the controller to program the receiver for collection of the required data for analysis.

  • Select Configure > Survey > RTK
  • Check to box to enable Post Processing
  • Select RTCM 3.x as the RTK Format for base & rover
  • Set logging rate to 1 second, for base & rover
  • Check the Log Corrections box for Rover PP Setup
  • Hit Next to go to Tracking Settings
  • Check the Use GLONASS box OR check the boxes for the Satellite constellations available in your region of the world.
  • Select Extrapolation from the drop-down menu
  • Check the Multipath Reduction box
  • Select Automatic Detection from the drop-down menu

MAGNET Field Support Info Settings

Configuring the Support Info Settings will allow the software to extract and record additional data to be used in the diagnostic process.

  • Select Configure > Global 
  • Check the Enable Job History box
  • Check the Port Data Logging box

Base Field Data Collection Procedures

  • Insert the SD Card into the Base receiver.  All *.tps files need to be stored on the GNSS receiver, and NOT the controller.  Format the SD card accordingly.
  • To start collection on the Base, select Start Base, and the receiver will automatically start recording the *.tps file on the SD card or internal memory.
  • Ensure that data is being recorded.
  • Collect at least 3 hours of continuous data, covering the time period of the problem occurrence, plus 1 hour on either end.  For example, if there is a problem from 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM, collect data from 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM.

Rover Field Data Collection Procedures

  • To start collecting data on  the Rover, go to Survey > Topo and Select the "Folder +" icon, and notice the icon will change.
  • Start collecting as you normally would, or let the Rover remain in the same place while collecting data.
  • Collect data for a minimum of 3 hours, with 1 hour added to the beginning and end.
  • The longer the observation, the better. 
  • Data will continue to record as long as you don't hit the Stop button.
  • Note the time when the problem occurs.

Finalizing the Survey

When the survey is complete:

  • Connect to Base > Set Up > Stop Base
  • Connect to Rover > Topo > "Folder X" icon

Data Compilation - Receivers

Files that will need to be compiled:

Note - Do not clear NVRAM or factory reset prior to collecting the data or second receiver reports.

  • From the Base:
    • *.tps file
    • Original Detailed Receiver Report
    • Second Detailed Receiver Report, saved after data collection
  • From the Rover:
    • *.tps file
    • Original Detailed Receiver Report
    • Second Detailed Receiver Report, saved after data collection

Data Compilation - Controller

From the Controller:

  • The project file and all data from the MAGNET project
    • From the MAGNET Field Dashboard, select the M icon > About > Support Info
    • Enter a file name in the "Support Info Filename" field
    • Navigate to the location indicated by the software.
    • If the "Upload support info via internet" box is checked, data will be uploaded to the Topcon Support Team.