Topcon and Bentley schedule collaborative Constructioneering Academy in Orlando

Topcon Positioning Group and Bentley Systems announce the third collaborative Constructioneering Academy initiative. Two separate sessions are scheduled for June 26 and 27, 2018 in Orlando, Florida.

The Constructioneering Academy is designed by Topcon and Bentley Institute to allow construction industry professionals to learn best practices for constructioneering, a process of managing and integrating survey, engineering, and construction data, to streamline construction workflows and improve project delivery.

“We are very excited to build upon the success of our first two Constructioneering Academy sessions in Livermore, California, and Brisbane, Australia. The Academies allow Topcon and Bentley personnel to directly interact with attendees to cater the experience to their interests and needs,” said Ron Oberlander, senior director of Topcon Professional Services. “The Academy educates participants on how to automate the digital construction process through surveying, engineering design, constructible model development and as-built data collection within a connected data environment. The goal is for attendees to learn new methods and best practices for improving civil design build projects. The courses consist of in-the-field practices and classroom sessions using the latest in engineering software.”

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