BIM/Vertical Construction ROI Calculator

Estimate how much your company can save using Topcon's Robotic Layout solutions. This advanced ROI takes into consideration your company’s core types of construction and workload to give you a better sense of how you currently spend your layout dollars.

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BIM/Vertical Construction ROI Calculator

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Topcon BIM/Vertical Construction ROI Calculator

The next page contains the ROI Calculator. The PDF has several areas shaded in blue. Just fill these in with your company’s info for an estimated savings.

We will need to assemble some information for the next step.


Step 1.

Assign the proper percentage to the core construction types you do. This will more accurately estimate the amount of points you layout per project.


Step 2:

You will need your crew’s hourly rate and average number of layout crews used per project. The Yearly construction volume and price per square foot gives us an average of total square feet of construction your company averages per year.


Step 3:

Depending on your type of construction the amount of realistic points laid out per day will vary. The range can be 200-800 using a Total Station and 50-150 for manual layout. Choose a range that makes sense for your crew.


Step 4:

Let’s look at the quote and add the estimated equipment cost.