MAGNET Construct: Importing data from Autodesk AutoCAD Civil 3D (Android)

How to prepare and transfer point and linework data from AutoCAD Civil 3D to MAGNET Construct running on an Android device.

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MAGNET Construct: Importing data from Autodesk AutoCAD Civil 3D (Android)

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Exporting data from AutoCAD Civil 3D

  • Create your linework and point information in AutoCAD Civil 3D
  • Use Civil 3D COGO-points instead of ACAD-points
  • Assign a Description to each point


Unlike standard ACAD-points, COGO-points host attributes, for instance, point number and description

  • Select the Output tab and select Export Points in the Export group
  • Set Format to PENZD (comma delimited)
  • Specify the path for the Destination TXT-File
  • Hit OK
  • Freeze your Points layer(s)
  • Purge the drawing
  • Select the C3D Menu browser and choose Save As / Drawing
  • Define a Path, assign a File name and choose AutoCAD 2010 DXF or lower as Files of type
  • Hit Save


It might be necessary to explode certain objects to be displayed in MAGNET Construct

  • Email the exported DXF-file and the TXT-file to your field person

Importing data into MAGNET Construct (Android)

  • Start MAGNET Construct on your Android device
  • Select Jobs
  • Select New
  • Assign a job Name
  • Select the green checkmark
  • Select Configure
  • Select Units
  • Specify Distance units
  • Open Email or Mailbox and open the email containing the files
  • Select both the DXF-File and the TXT-File and use the File Manager to store them into the Download folder
  • Select Jobs
  • Select Import From File
  • Select File Type AutoCAD DXF (*.dxf)
  • Select Next
  • Browse to the Downloads folder
  • Select DXF
  • Select Next
  • Select Done
  • Select Jobs
  • Select Import from File
  • Select File Type Topcon Text Custom (*.txt)
  • Select Next
  • Browse to the Downloads folder
  • Select TXT
  • Select Next
  • Select Done
  • Go back to the Home screen of MAGNET Construct
  • Select Home to show the Map