MAGNET Construct: Importing data from Autodesk Point Layout

How to prepare and export linework & point data in Autodesk Point Layout (Here: add-on in AutoCAD). How to transfer and import data into MAGNET Construct (iOS).

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MAGNET Construct: Importing data from Autodesk Point Layout

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Creating points in APL

  • Use APL functionality to create points
  • Make sure every APL point is on a dedicated Layer starting with "APL ...“

Data preparation for Export

Option 1

  • Freeze all APL Layers
  • Explode remaining entities (make sure MTEXT, POLYLINES, DIMENSIONS and other AEC OBJECTS are exploded completely) → EXPLODE
  • Delete ELLIPSIS, if included
  • Unfreeze all APL Layers
  • Purge the drawing → PURGE
  • Save the drawing as DWG
  • Save the drawing as DXF version 2010
  • Check units of your drawing → UNITS
  • Close DXF drawing and open DWG

Option 2

  • Make a copy of the drawing
  • Delete the APL points in the copy
  • Delete ELLIPSIS if included
  • Click on DXF/DWG located under the Coordinate group
  • APL will guide you through a 12 step DXF conversion process

  • Conversion will change the units from inches to feet

  • Make sure you export a DXF


The 12 step DXF conversion will burst / explode blocks including the APL point attributes. That's why you create a copy of the drawing.



Exporting points from APL

  • Select Export located under the Coordinate group
  • Select (X,Y,Z : E,N,H) as Point Export Order
  • Specify the Output Units
  • Make sure To MAGNET Field (*.MJFZIP) is checked under General Options
  • Select Coordinate System if available
  • Specify an Export File Name
  • Select the File Location for the export
  • Select OK
  • Select Yes, I want to continue in the Usage Agreement window
  • Select the Job Units
  • Make sure Units of Point File match the units of your former point export
  • Add Drawing File and select your DXF
  • Make sure Units of Drawing File match the units of your DXF drawing
  • Set Lines for Extract Data
  • Select the Location to store MAGNET Job File 
  • Select Create MAGNET Job
  • The Topcon web service will convert the data
  • Select Download MAGNET Job

Transferring points to MAGNET Construct

Option 1

  • Email the MJFZIP file to the responsible field person

Option 2

  • Upload the MJFZIP file to MAGNET Enterprise
  • Use the web application or
  • Use the Topcon ribbon in AutoCAD and upload the file to your appropriate project

Importing points into MAGNET Construct

Option 1

  • Open the email on your mobile device
  • Push and hold the MJFZIP file icon until further options appear
  • Select Copy to MAGNET Construct
  • MAGNET Construct will open and upgrade the job file automatically
  • Select Yes to keep a copy
  • Select OK
  • Select the HOME button to display the Map screen

Option 2

  • Open MAGNET Construct on your mobile device
  • Go to Cloud and Exchange
  • Go to Setup Connection
  • Login to MAGNET Enterprise
  • Got to Connect to Project
  • Select your appropriate Project

Option 2

  • Select the MJFZIP file 
  • Select Download
  • Select Yes to open the MJFZIP file
  • Select Yes to keep a copy
  • Select OK
  • Select the HOME button to display the Map screen