Sitelink 3D: Support Desk - Managing a Support Desk

Support Desk basic functionality and features explained

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Sitelink 3D: Support Desk - Managing a Support Desk

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Support Desk Features:

  • Support Desk is a connectivity tool that gives users the following:
    • Remote support.
    • Online file management.
    • Support requests
    • Pairing tags.
  • Support Desk can be purchased as a standalone service but it is also included as part of a Sitelink3D and Sitelink3D Enterprise subscription.
  • For instructions on pairing clients to a Support Desk, refer to the guide Sitelink3D: Support Desk - Pairing to a Support Desk.

Support Desk Information:

The Desk Information tab has four sections:

  • Desk Access
    • Displays the Support Desk Number.
    • Enable and edit the Auto-pair PIN.
  • Desk Information
    • Edit the phone number associated with the Support Desk. The client in the field will see this number in case phone support is necessary.
  • Pairing Tags
    • Specify required blocks of information needed from the client who is paired to your Support Desk.
    • Add tags for machine type, operator, system, component serial numbers etc.
  • Notifications
    • Edit list of email addresses that will receive a notification whenever a support request is made from the field.


  • The Devices tab shows all clients paired to the Support Desk.
  • The blue Topcon logo on the left indicates that the client is currently online.
  • Clicking on a client ID will expand the client information and allow the following:
    • Change Tags: edit the data input into the pairing tag fields.
    • Unpair: removes a client from the support desk.
    • Remote Control: take control of the client control box.
    • Remote View: view the client control box.
    • File Transfer: gain access to the client hard drive to transfer file to, or copy files from the client.

Support Requests:

  • The Support Requests tab shows a list of active support requests.
    • Edit request: change the status of the request from open, progessing, completed or declined.
    • Remote control, remote view and file transfer are also available from this tab.

Pair Requests:

  • When a client in the filed makes a pair request, it appears here.
  • If the auto-pair PIN was used, no request is made as it is paired automatically and appears on the devices list.

Unpair Requests:

  • A client can remove the support desk pairing with an unpair request made from their control box.
  • If the auto-pair PIN is used, the client will be disconnected automatically.
  • If there is no auo-pair PIN, the support desk must approve the unpairing.