Topcon eXchange for AutoCAD: Overview

The Topcon eXchange for AutoCAD add-on helps users to create Topcon-proprietary file formats, and gives the user the ability to import/export data through Topcon's MAGNET Enterprise environment. This guide shows how to use it.

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Topcon eXchange for AutoCAD: Overview

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  • Topcon eXchange for AutoCAD is a free add-on which installs a Topcon ribbon into the AutoCAD user interface
  • It can be used with AutoCAD vanilla and any AutoCAD verticals, like Civil 3D
  • The user needs to have an active MAGNET Enterprise subscription, for instance, enabled by any MAGNET Solutions (Field, Office) subscription

User Interface

  • After the installation and the first start of any AutoCAD product there is a notification that Topcon eXchange for AutoCAD has been loaded

  • An additional Topcon ribbon shows up

  • The menu options are greyed out

  • After the Login with valid MAGNET Enterprise credentials all options become accessible

  • Select Connect to Project in order to upload or download project data to MAGNET Enterprise

  • Select an Available Project

  • Select Connect

Data Exchange

  • Select Download to download existing data from MAGNET Enterprise to a local file folder (only)

  • Select Upload to upload the existing drawing to MAGNET Enterprise

  • Choose MAGNET Field in case you want to convert it to a *.MJF file

  • Select your project

  • Select Upload

  • If you want to export the project data locally click on Export and choose one of the export options

  • An Export dialog window appears

  • Select objects to export

  • Select Next

  • Specify the File Location and the File Name

  • Select Save

  • Open for instance exported MAGNET Field Job File or
  • Import file(s) into your Topcon application