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Layout, machine control and grade checking in one system

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Triple the effectiveness of your compact equipment operators

We have combined key technology from surveying and machine control to increase efficiencies, while reducing wait times and staffing needs for your small and mid-sized jobsite projects. MC-Mobile equips you to easily use the same digitalized machine control design files to perform layout, inspection and validation of your jobs.

Displays and other components are designed to be easily shared across numerous machines in owned or rental fleet environments. These pieces can also be moved from grade checking/layout rover pole to machine and back.

The MC-Mobile advantage

MC-Mobile is modular, quick to learn and easy to use. It uses one interface to improve resource management and equip operators to do jobs that previously required three people – surveyors, equipment operators and grade checkers. There are MC-Mobile solutions for mini-excavators, compact track loaders (CTLs) and skid steers.


Inertial sensors


Android tablet


Robotic total station


MC-X1 controller


Removeable 3D
positioning technology

3-in-1 system

Commissioning phase

Machine control

Grade checking

Site survey

Use digital design files

Volume calculation


Design on the fly





MC-Mobile: 3-in-1 machine control system

MC-Mobile combines machine control and survey technology to let compact equipment operators lay out, grade and check jobs with the same system.

Ideal for

Small earthmoving



Sports facilities

Ditch digging

Indoor or underground
earthmoving projects

Parking lots

Building pads

Driveway construction

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