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Multi-user sharing for the larger
data management environment.

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Remote data sharing to support better farming

SGISenterprise allows multiple users to access the same database to make collaboration and sharing of data much faster and more intuitive across multiple workstations or locations. Use this in conjunction with either SGISfarm or SGISpro to work with other users in any configuration that suits you.


What sets Topcon apart is that we provide users the opportunity to maintain full control and access to their data – it is not uploaded to a server in some remote location but stored on a server at the customer’s location. This allows data sharing and decision making to happen at a much faster and more streamlined rate to maximize the time spent in the office and get the full benefits of a precision farming operation come harvest time.

Service Providers can work
with multiple clients securely

SGISenterprise opens up a new range of possibilities for interconnectedness between the farmer and the agronomist. SGISpro and SGISfarm users can collaborate and access the same database. This means that a Pro user can manage multiple Farm users and access all of their data. At the same time, producers can be limited to only viewing the data that is pertinent to their operation.

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