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Topcon at Work
Test TAW

This is a test.

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Cooperative Effort Takes Off

Tapping into UAS technology opens up a world of possibilities for northern Arizona utility.

How it Works
Topcon Workplace | MAGNET Field

Learn more about MAGNET Field at

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Ready for steady take-off? Runway Resurfacing at...

Case Study
Laser scanning the centuries in ancient Rome

Alongside one of Rome’s most ancient roads, you can find a building that bursts with history: the Torre Salaria, a tower on the Via Salaria.

Case Study
City-Wide Scanning Helps Tulsa With ADA Compliance Push

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Tech on Tour

Case Study
Capturing The Past

Historic Livermore winery building lives on in a 3D point cloud

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Controlled traffic farming enhances production of...

“This area is known for its production of high-quality sweet fruit since it has a favorable climate,” says Jaume Viladegut, one of the three brothers who run the company. But there’s more to it than profitable surroundings: Jaume tells us about the benefits of ‘controlled traffic farming’.