3D-MC: Taking screenshots with GX-55/GX-75

A walk through on how to capture screen shots in 3D-MC on a GX-55 or GX-75 display.

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3D-MC: Taking screenshots with GX-55/GX-75

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  • To capture a screen shot on the GX-55 or GX-75 display, you must have a USB inserted into the display with a folder made on it named capture.  The USB drive can have additional data on it.
  • This function will only work in 3D-MC.

Configuring the USB drive

  • Plug the USB drive into your PC.
  • Open the drive and create a folder named capture.  The name is not case sensitive.
  • Once the folder has been created, remove the USB drive and insert it into the display.

Capturing the screen

  • With 3D-MC open, hit the arrow button on the right side of the display.  Typically, this will change the screen between plan/profile/section.
  • If the capture USB drive is inserted and recognized, you should hear an audible "blip".  This lets you know that a screen shot has been taken.
  • Screen shots will be saved in Bitmap (*.BMP) format in the capture folder.
  • To verify, remove the USB drive and insert it into your PC.  The capture folder should now have .BMP file(s) saved in it.