Beef Tracker: Adding a Mixer Control

Feed Management Mixer

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Beef Tracker: Adding a Mixer Control

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Mixer Control Quick Icon

  • Select the Mixer Control icon from the Quick Icons.

New Button

  • Once the mixer control screen is opens. Press the button New at the bottom left of the screen to add a mixer. 

General Data

  • Fill-in a Display Name (when using 1 Mixer Enter “NEW EZ”). Also Fill-in Description for the new mixer and the Load Size. Set the status to ‘Active’.
  • Press Ok to save the new mixer.
  • The Scale Number and Scale Type must be filled in, if you don’t know the scale number use the DAN code 231 to find out on the indicator.
  • You can add more mixers by repeating step 2. If you need to add more than one mixer, you will be prompted for a password. That password is “multimix”