IP-S3: GNSS firmware update

How to update IP-S3 GNSS firmware.

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IP-S3: GNSS firmware update

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1. Setup


  • Cable; Serial to IPS3 Indicator Box (part number on the cable 7200870230 or 720080712)
  • Stable power supply (12-20V DC >3A) Or installed to a car (TURN OFF ECO/STARTSTOP System)
  • PC/laptop (windows) with Serial port (Or use a USB to Serial Converter)



Set up:

  • Remove/disconnect all cables except Indicator Box and Power cable.
  • Connect the Serial cable to the indicator box and PC
  • Turn on the Timing box

2. Connecting with TRU (Topcon Receiver Utility) upload firmware (Application Mode)

  1. Start TRU (Topcon Receiver Utility)
  2. [Device] -> [Application Mode] -> [Firmware Loading F5]
  3. [Device] -> [Connect F11]


3. Select Correct Serial Port

  1. Select your connection type (Serial Port)
  2. Port Name Click on […] to add the port 
  3. Right click in the new window and refresh
  4. Select the Serial port where the IP-S3 is connected
  5. [OK] (right corner top)
  6. [Connect]  (Do not put a checkmark on [Secondary Receiver]

4. Firmware loading

  1. Click [Firmware Loading]
  2. Select each item from the select device screen from the dropdown and select the following and then click [Next]

    Device type                                    [Receiver]
    Firmware Image Format                [Two files (.ldr and .Ipd)]
    Capture Method                            [Soft Break]

5. Confirm firmware version

  1. Confirm that it is 4.2 SPR (Not the latest version), Click [Next]

6. Setup upload settings

  1. On the select settings screen confirm that each item is the following, and then click [Next]

    Serial Port Settings of Primary Receiver           [115200]
    RTC / CTS                                                       [Remove check]

7. Select firmware files

  1. Select the firmware files (Loader and Image)

    Firmware RAM Image: *.ldr
    Firmware Flash Image: *.Idp

8. Install firmware

  1. Click [Next] to start.

    Version upgrade is started (about 3 minutes). Do not turn off the Timing Box!!

  2. Wait until the software reports "The firmware has succesfully been update"

9. Checking the new firmware version

  1. [Device] -> [Application mode] -> [Receiver Managing F3]
  2. [Device] -> [Connect F11]
    • Connect to the same serial port as by Step 3.

10. Confirm the new firmware version

  1. [Information] -> Confirm that is new firmware, (e.g. 4.7 FEB,21,2019 p10)
  2. Close the receiver Info screen with the X mark on the upper right

11. Disconnect

  1. [Device] -> [Disconnect]

12. Clearing NVRAM

  1. Long press NVRAM Clear button of the Indicator Box (approximately 5 seconds).
  2. The switch LED turns from green to flashing (slowly), release it from the button.

    NVRAM clearing is completed when the switch LED turns off.

  3. Wait approximately 2 minutes
  4. Turn off the Timing Box.

13. Testing

  1. Connect all cables back to the Timing Box.
  2. Turn On the timing box.
  3. Confirm GNSS LED lighting state of the indicator box or use MMF.
  4. Make a (Small) test drive.

Because almanac files etc. are initialized, it needs 13 minutes or more to receive it in the sky view which enables sufficient satellite reception!