MAGNET Field/Office: Online Activation Method

How to activate MAGNET software products via Online Activation Method

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MAGNET Field/Office: Online Activation Method

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Performing an Online Activation of MAGNET Field software

So long as your device has a good internet connection, it is advisable to activate your MAGNET software via the Online Method, which has clear advantages over Offline activation in that:

  1. The MAGNET serial number given to you at the point of sale is the only information you will need to input during the process as the Device ID and Authorization code automatically populate during their respective steps, thereby reducing user error, and
  2. Because the authorization code is generated at the point of activation, there is no need to cut and paste information and no chance of using the wrong activation code or Device ID


  1. If you have recently installed MAGNET, you will be automatically directed to the activation screen. If this screen does not appear, in MAGNET Field click on the "M" icon in the upper left corner of your screen and choose "Activate Modules". If attempting to activate MAGNET Office or Tools, go to Help > Licenses
  2. Choose Online Activation and click NEXT
  3. Log in to MAGNET Enterprise. If you have not yet set up a MAGNET Enterprise account you can choose to do so at this time, other wise click NEXT to continue
  4. The Device ID is already populated. Enter the MAGNET serial number that was issued on your purchase certifcate and then click NEXT
  5. The End User License Agreement will be displayed. Check the box that says "Accept" and then click ACTIVATE
  6. Once activated successfully, all the modules purchased with that license will populate in the final screen.

NOTE: A copy of your purchase certificate will be sent to the email of the individual who is activating the license. We advise that you keep this certificate in a handy location in case the need to perform an offline activation arises, however, please be advised that as the software continues to improve and new versions of MAGNET become available, there may be some conditions in which this activation code may not permit activation. For more information, please also see Offline Activation.