Pocket 3D: Creating an equipment file for Total Station

Creating an equipment file in Pocket3D for a Topcon total station

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Pocket 3D: Creating an equipment file for Total Station

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Total Station Equipment File

  • To use Pocket3D with a total station, you must first create an equipment file for the prism and total station instrument.
  • To create the equipment file, go to Setup > Equipment and hit New...
  • First, give the equipment file a name.
  • Next, select Prism in the Sensor type dropdown box.
  • Now, set your units to your preference.
  • *NOTE* The units of the equipment file only changes how the information is presented, not how it's imported.  1.50' in US Survey Feet will be shown as 1'-6" in Feet & Inches or 0.457m
  • Hit Next to continue
  • Change the Instrument to the type of instrument you are connecting to, i.e. GT, PS, GPT-9000, etc.
  • Next, set the height of the prism pole.  This height is taken from the center of the prism eye to the tip of the prism pole.
  • *NOTE* This height is just for the prism pole.  The instrument height is set when the Station Setup is performed.
  • Now, set the Prism constant and prism type.  These are typically labeled on the prism you are using.  For example, a ATP2 360° prism has a P.C. of 7mm.
  • Finally, set the Connection method you are using to connect to the instrument.  This will typically be Bluetooth unless you are using a physical serial cable connection.
  • Hit Next to continue

The Connect via dropdown has three options:

  • RC5/Direct to TS (STD mode): Connects via a standard Bluetooth connection
  • RC5/Direct to TS (Ext. Link): Uses the External Link of the Total Station to make a connection.
  • RC4 Radio Modem (Ext. Link): Only used if you are using an RC4 radio.

The Use RC checkbox should be turned on if you are using an RC-5/5A to connect to the Total Station.

The Baud Rate, Data Bits, Stop Bits and Parity should be left at the default settings shown to the right.

Hit Next to continue.

  • Hit Finish to save the new equipment file.