Pocket 3D: Setting Project Units

Changing the units of your Pocket3D project file

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Pocket 3D: Setting Project Units

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Setting Project Units

The project units are how the data imported into your project are presented.  Some options will dramatically affect the data, while other options will only change how it is presented to the user.

To change the project units, go to Setup > Units...


Pocket3D support four distance formats:

  • US Survey Feet
  • International Feet
  • Meters
  • Feet & Inches

The "d.p." box after the Distances units dropdown box is to show how many decimal places are shown in the program.  Depending on how many decimal places are specified, numbers shown on the screen will be rounded up/down.  For example, an elevation of 123.4567 will be rounded to 123.46 if 2 d.p. is specified.

Other options that can be changed include:

  • Angles: How angles are presented
  • Areas: Units that areas are measured in
  • Volumes: Units that volumes are measured in
  • Coords: How coordinates are entered
  • Stations: Alignment stationing format
  • Grades: How slope grades are shown
  • Dimension: If dimensions are shown in 2D or 3D.


*NOTE* The following options MUST be set correctly before importing data into the project.

  • Distances
  • Coords

The project units must be changed before importing data.  Importing data into a project with incorrect distance and coordinate parameters will result in data errors in Pocket3D.

For example, if a user imports a job designed in Metric to a project set to US Survey Feet, a line that was 100m long will now be 100ft long.