Sitelink 3D: Sending Data From Web Portal

This guide goes over how to send project files, linework, points and whatever other files need to be sent to Sitelink3D connected devices.

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Sitelink 3D: Sending Data From Web Portal

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  • Log in to the web portal
  • Go to Menu >> Operations >> FIle Transfers.
  • In the top right, choose the job site you want to send files for.
  • Press New File Transfer.

File Transfer Options


  • Send current site project file: This will send the current uploaded TP3 of the site.
  • Send other files: This will allow you to select any other file to send. Use the Choose Files button to select desired files

Destination Recipients

  • Send to all recipients or select specific clients to send the files to. All recipients are all clients currently registered to the account.


  • Set this datra to be the machine's active project data (otherwise data gets put in in-box): This will make the sent TP3 the active job when it is sent. If this is not selected, there are options to determine how the data is handled on the receiving end.
  • Once the file, recipient and options have been selected, press Transfer and the file will be uploaded to the cloud.
  • You will then be brought back to the File Transfer page where you can see the status of the transfer and any transfer history.
  • The State will remain as "Uploading" until the recipient connects to the Sitelink3D server, at which point the file will be downloaded automatically.


  • Now that the client has connected to the server, the file finished transferring.
  • This transfer was a PT3 file to a Pocket3D client. A message displayed on screen indicting new data had been sent.
  • The points can be imported by going to Data > Points > Import/Export > From PT3 and navigating to the SItelink3D inbox on the FC-5000.
  • The process may vary slightly between Pocket3D, 3DMC, 3D Office and Magnet Office.