SmoothRide Design: Basic Training - Processing Static GNSS

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SmoothRide Design: Basic Training - Processing Static GNSS

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Create New Job

  • Open MAGNET Office Tools
  • Enter project name
  • Select Next to see Coordinate Systems
  • Select WGS84
  • Select local geoid file
  • Select Datum Lat, Lon, Ell Ht coordinate type
  • Select Create

Import Static Files

  • Open File Explorer
  • Navigate to static files
  • Drag files from explorer window
  • Drop files into MAGNET Office Tools

Enter Known Coordinates

  • Double-click on a point with known coordinates
  • Select Both in the Control dropdown box
  • Select the Coordinates tab
  • Enter the known coordinate values
  • Select OK
  • Repeat for other points with known WGS84 coordinates

Process GNSS

  • Open Process Ribbon
  • Select GPS+ PostProcessing button
  • MAGNET Office Tools calculates vectors between all points with common observation times

Perform Adjustment

  • Select Adjustment button
  • MAGNET Office Tools displays Control Tie Analysis
  • Perform adjustment on static points set to None for Control

Adjusted Coordinates

  • Lat, Lon, Ell. H format
  • Note coordinates for static points 
  • Record coordinate Latitude and Longitude to 5 decimal places