TRU: Changing Boot Configuration

Changing boot configuration in Topcon DUHF II radio

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TRU: Changing Boot Configuration

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  • Using Base or Rover for RTK with corrections broadcast by UHF radio
  • Radio is set up well and streaming corrections works like it should
  • Receiver gets turned off and on again (next day etc.) and correction stream does not re-start

Reason: The radio restarts after power cycle with factory settings.

Solution: Changing the boot configuration of the radio to "User" let the radio restart with the last used configuration.

This quick guide shows how to change the boot configuration of DUHF II radios

Changing Modem Boot Configuration:

  • Please use latest TRU version and connect via “Modem Managing Mode” (1)
  • With most GNSS receivers, the radio modem is internally connected to serial port C (GR-5, GR-5+, HiPer V, HiPer II. etc...)
  • After the connection is done, the main screen becomes active, click on “Settings” (2)
  • Here you get more information about installed radio board and firmware version
  • Click on [Funtions] tab
  • Set the “Function” to [BootConfiguration] (1)
  • Set the “Input Parameter” to [User] (2)
  • Click [Execute] (3)
  • The modem resets and connection will be terminated
  • Note: This option is a write option only, hence, if one reconnects there is written “Factory” again, although it is set to “User”.