TSshield: End User Registration

End User registration process for TSshield.

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TSshield: End User Registration

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What you will need

  • Computer with an active internet connection
  • Total Station to be Unlocked

Initial state of the Total Station

  • Turn on the Total Station and leave it on the first screen
  • You will need the S/N and ID Code to register with TSshield

Creating a New Registration

  • Read the License Agreement, Select “I accept” and click Next
  • Complete the New Registration form (an asterisk indicates a required field) and Click Next
  • Check that all information is correct and Click Confirm
  • A Confirmation email will be sent to the address you entered
  • Input the Customer Code from the email
  • TSshield will create an Unlock Code
  • TSshield will also send the code to you email
  • Note: If you do not see the Unlock Code or receive the second email, complete the Unlock process before contacting Technical Support.

Unlocking the Total Station

  • Press the Confirm button on the Total Station (CHEK for an ES Series)
  • The Total Station will connect to the server and in about 2 minutes the instrument will be unlocked
  • Or you can type in the Unlock Code and press the Unlock button