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In agriculture Data management is increasingly essential to thrive. Modern software and hardware tools allow farmers, dealers, agronomists, and input suppliers to connect, upload and analyze data to improve key decisions across the crop cycle. While the concept is straightforward, the wide variability of conditions, machines and practices can make it difficult to implement.

The Topcon Agriculture Platform (TAP) and associated Cloudlynk cloud connectivity devices are designed to upload virtually any data from any machine utilizing cellular connectivity for automatic upload. Forget the USB and even moving files in-cab.

TAP is fully integrated in the current Topcon X-Family console lineup to provide connectivity and other major enhancements. It allows for management of all customer information in a single ecosystem and creates new efficiencies for feature unlocks utilizing the TAP Marketplace. With this console integration, TAP is fully aligned to collect data across key solutions provided by the Topcon portfolio.

CL-55 cloud connectivity device
CL-55 cloud connectivity device

Automatic data transfer from fleet tracking and key applications

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