Know your performance

Time proven commodity crop yield monitoring and innovative specialty crop solutions leveraging core technology. Complemented by proven grain cart and material handling weighing.

Optical-based, non-contact solution for high-accuracy yield and moisture data complete with real-time monitoring, mapping and logging.

Easily couple with the Topcon Agriculture’s digital farm management platform, TAP, to easily upload, analyze and make better management decisions through the crop cycle.

Smart grain cart weighing

Time and field proven technology through Digi-Star heritage in load-cell-based grain cart weighing solutions designed for easy data upload and accurate harvest reports.

When coupled with the Topcon CL-55 cloud connectivity device, automatically upload data for analysis or insurance purposes. Topcon offers increasingly smart and automated grain cart weighing solutions.

Understand performance for payback

Reduce Inputs

Reduce fuel and time by tuning practices and executing fewer, more efficient passes through the crop cycle.

Increase Yield

Increase yield by maximizing crop potential driven by better decisions based upon performance analysis.

Core technology for specialty crop yield monitoring

Precision-load-cell based, high-accuracy yield data solutions for for specialty crops such as potatoes, sugar beets, onion, tomatoes and more.

Couple with the Topcon Agriculture platform, TAP, to easily upload, analyze and make better management decisions through the crop cycle.

Proven load monitoring and logging

Proven hydraulic-load-sensor based weighing for the full-range of material handling applications with options based on machine type and desired capability from basic weight monitoring to data logging.

HiPer VR
HiPer VR

High Tech, Versatile GNSS receiver
MR-2 Modular GNSS Receiver
MR-2 Modular GNSS Receiver

Flexible Modular GNSS Receiver

CL-55 cloud connectivity device
CL-55 cloud connectivity device

Automatic data transfer from fleet tracking and key applications

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