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Global GNSS
Correction Service

TopNETlive is a real-time GNSS correction service delivering high quality data to GNSS receivers used for surveying, construction, GIS, mapping, OEM, system integrators and agricultural applications on a worldwide scale. Fully interoperable with all makes of network capable rovers, subscriptions are made easily available through the TopNETlive website. Topcon Positioning Group operates and monitors all TopNETlive networks. Topcon's geodetic specialists and professional standards ensure high quality correction data is globally delivered to each GNSS receiver.

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Application Fields



Eliminating on-site base stations, TopNETlive is increasingly employed in high-profile construction projects. Large highway construction projects, airport runways and machine control operations all benefit from the reliable accuracy and performance of TopNETlive GNSS reference networks.




TopNETlive networks deliver consistent, high-precision positions to precision agriculture machines used in applications across the crop cycle such as soil preparation, seeding and crop care. Equipped tractors, sprayers, spreaders and harvesters benefit from fast initializations and reliable positioning any time of the day or night.




TopNETlive delivers high-accuracy positioning to professional surveying and engineering applications such as land surveys, engineering surveys, GIS and mapping. TopNETlive removes the need for individual base stations, dramatically increasing production and safety.


OEM – System Integrators

TopNETlive is a global positioning correction service for system integrators, product designers and OEMs. It is ideal for scalable, precision GNSS positioning needs for applications such as automotive, Industrial IOT and autonomous robotics.



Technology Overview


In order to provide precise positioning accuracy, a GNSS receiver needs to compensate for inaccuracies caused by satellite constellations, receiver hardware and atmospheric conditions. These inaccuracies can be calculated by a network of fixed reference stations that constantly receive GNSS data.

This correction information is then broadcast to GNSS receivers as a correction service. TopNETlive is Topcon’s GNSS correction service and consists of the reference station network, correction calculation software and the correction broadcast service.


Positioning Methods

Topcon manages, operates and monitors all TopNETlive reference networks.


Real-Time Kinematic positioning (RTK) is a method to enhance the precision of position data derived from satellite-based positioning systems. RTK works through a network of stations covering local countries. Single Base RTK provides fast and accurate correction from either a specific reference station or the nearest one. Network RTK delivers the correction from a number of stations in a local network of reference stations.


Precise Point Positioning (PPP) is a method to calculate precise positions at the few-centimeter level using a single receiver in a global reference framework. PPP delivers great accuracy with slower start-up speed, but provides service anywhere on the planet, independent of local networks.


Providing the Best of RTK and PPP

TopNETlive SkyBridge

SkyBridge allows subscribers to combine RTK and PPP​ correction services.

TopNETlive RTK

Provides greater accuracy and quick start-up time.

TopNETlive StarPoint

Provides the service anywhere on the planet, independent of local networks.


  SkyBridge TopNETlive RTK StarPoint

 Correction Type / Delivery

RTK with PPP backup


PPP with L-Band

 Coverage Global Local Global

2-4 cm

2 cm

4-10 cm

 Initialization Time

Seconds Seconds

10-30 mins


Surveying, Construction, Machine Control, Agriculture

Surveying, Construction, Machine Control, Agriculture, OEM, Industrial IOT and Autonomous Robotics

Machine Control, Agriculture, OEM, Surveying in Remote Areas, Automotive, Industrial IOT and Autonomous Robotics



The TopNETlive correction service is broadcast to customer receivers in two ways:

  • NTRIP – The internet, typically using a mobile phone SIM card data link
  • L-Band – Direct communication from a satellite 

Customers have both options and can use whichever is most convenient.

Data Services

As an additional service, the raw data (RINEX) from the networks is available to download. There is also an online correction processing service for specialist applications.

Constant Coverage

Both types of networks offer advantages and disadvantages. That is why Topcon designed and developed a service to provide its customers access to both systems simultaneously, even automatically switching between as reception changes. This means the customer always has the best of both systems and a truly global service.


Full-Constellation Service

The Topcon reference station network uses all four GNSS satellite systems: GPS, GLONASS, Galllieo and BeiDou. This ensures the best accuracy and reliability, often referred to as a full-constellation service.

Why TopNETlive?


Truly Global Solution

TopNETlive is a truly global solution, providing correction service anywhere with the combination of global PPP and local NRTK networks


NRTK networks are operated by Topcon and its partners to provide coverage in all major regions of the world

Seamless Subscriptions

Customers can have a single subscription that provides borderless service which automatically switches between NRTK networks

Reliable Service

TopNETlive is managed by Topcon’s own network and geodesy experts, which ensures a precise and reliable always-on service

Flexible and Tailored

Topcon’s OEM GNSS boards can be preconfigured for immediate use by system integrators' customers, with flexible subscription/licensing options to suit the exact need

Fully Scalable

The entire solution is designed to be scalable, so system integrators do not need to limit locations or numbers of customers


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