Agisoft Photogrammetric Software: Basic Training - Creation of CAD Primitives

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Agisoft Photogrammetric Software: Basic Training - Creation of CAD Primitives

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Basic CAD primitives such as points, polylines and polygons are denoted as Shapes within the context of the Photogrammetric Kit software.

Shapes are used to indicate boundaries either for DEM/Orthomosic export, for measurement procedures, or to define an object that is later exported for the usage in CAD or GIS software.

  • Alternatively, existing shapes can be imported and/or exported using the Import Shapes... and Export Shapes... subcommands of the Tools menu.

To draw a shape:

  • Select Draw Point  / Draw Polyline  / or Draw Polygon instrument from the toolbar.
  • Draw a point / polyline / polygon within the Model or Ortho view using the cursor. 
  • To end a polyline, double-click on the last vertex.  To end a polygon, place the end point over the starting one.
  • Once the shape is drawn, a shape label will be added to the data structure on the Workspace pane

Shape Layers

Created Shapes can be organized into layers.  The first layer is generated automatically and is placed into the Shapes folder on the project tree within the Workspace pane. 

  • To create a new layer right-click on the Shape folder within the Workspace pane, and select Add Shape Layer.
  • A layer can be set as default using the Set as default command from the context menu of the layer name on the Workspace pane.

A shape can also be labeled and saved to a certain layer.

  • Use the selection tool from the toolbar, to select a created Shape.  When chosen, it will be highlighted in red.
  • Right-click on the selected shape and click the Properties… command from the context menu.  Under the Shape Properties dialog, the shape can be given a label as well as moved to a different layer.