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Harness the power of MAGNET Field

MAGNET Field streamlines surveying and construction workflows by providing accurate measurements, data collection, and real-time collaboration.

It integrates seamlessly with other Topcon products and is compatible with more than 50 industry-standard formats, making it a valuable tool for professionals in various sectors. For example, surveyors and construction professionals use MAGNET Field to accurately measure and map land, buildings, and other structures.

Measure, map, and mark points

MAGNET Field controls your GNSS rover to collect points and measurements, lay out or stake job sites, and verify as-built conditions. This data is then available for digital terrain models, contour and surface comparison calculations, and to determine cut and fill volumes.

Control instruments with tablets and Android devices

MAGNET Field turns your rugged tablet or compatible Android device into a field controller for Topcon GPS receivers, robotic total stations, scanning robotic total stations, and digital levels.

Use cases

  • Land surveying, stakeout, and cadastral projects
  • Construction layout
  • Roadwork 
  • Utility mapping

Share data between equipment and users in the field or office

MAGNET Enterprise allows secure project information sharing, including geo-referenced data maps, redline models, and visual stakeout progress.Quickly collaborate with team members to share or convert file types compatible with MAGNET Office, Sitelink3D, Autodesk, and Bentley.

Enterprise is included with MAGNET software subscriptions.

Get the right tablet for your needs

MAGNET Field turns your tablet into a data collector, field controller, and field productivity device. Choose the right tablet for your operating system preferences, working style, and application.

“The strength of the MAGNET Field software is taking the plans of what you are trying to accomplish and seeing it accurately and productively come to fruition. MAGNET'S biggest draw is how it integrates everthing together. If you are not working with integration in the future, you are left behind.”

Scott Schumacher,
Pyramid Contractors

Upgrade your workflow

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Topographic Survey

Collect points, lines, areas, cross sections, surfaces, and auto topo points. Select Map or Measurement View and even record offset shots all while within Topo Survey.

Stake Points

Whatever method of layout or stakeout you need, we have the solution for you. Point, Lines, Offsets, Roads, Surface, Slope, and Real-Time Roads are all available.

Real-Time Roads

See all the road stakeout information on one screen as you stake anywhere along the road design in real-time. Be more productive with Real-Time Roads information.

Data Exchange

Exchange data locally via USB stick, USB cable, or more commonly connect directly to your private and secure MAGNET Enterprise company account. Import and export with over 100+ industry file formats.

DTM Calculations

Collect volume topography and generate contours, surfaces, and calculate volumes while in the field.

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