MAGNET Office License Manager: Using Topcon License Monitor

How to check MAGNET Office licenses out and back in, using Topcon License Monitor

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MAGNET Office License Manager: Using Topcon License Monitor

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What is Topcon License Monitor?

Topcon License Monitor is software that can be run on a workstations to remotely view and manage the pool of licenses currently in use on Topcon License Server.

Setting up Topcon License Monitor

  • Each time Topcon License Monitor is opened, Connect window with the IP Address and Port is displayed
  • The first time the software is opened on a particular workstation you will need to input the IP Address (or computer name) and Port Number. Afterward the last entered information will automatically populate these fields.
  • Select OK
  • Until the connection is made with the server, the background will remain greyed out with "Requesting sessions from the server" displayed
  • Once the connection is made, the background turns white and "Requesting sessions from the server" will blink periodically as the program refreshes sessions automatically
  • The list displays all licenses currently in use. If no licenses are currently checked out on the network, then the list will remain blank.
  • When a license is checked out on the server, the information will populate in the License Monitor
  • Topcon License Monitor can force the check in of a license by selecting an active session and selecting the Check In License button
  • The Confirm dialog will open. Select Yes to force the check in

Common message - ErrorCode:900

This error message occurs when the Topcon License Monitor does not receive a response from the license server. Try the following:

  1. Check the IP Address and Port number
  2. Check the network connection of the workstation
  3. Restart the Topcon License Server service through either License Server Configuration or Windows Services
  4. Check server firewall settings