SL-R4: Upgrading Firmware

This guide explains the process of upgrading the fimrware on the SL-R4 board that is contained in SL-100, MC-i4 and MC-R3.

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SL-R4: Upgrading Firmware

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Connecting to the SL-R4

There are multiple ways to connect to the SL-R4 board:

  • QTWeb on a GX-60.
  • PC web browser (Programming cables 1001270-01 and 1001269-01 required) .
  • MCXConfig on a GX-55.

An MC-R3 with an SL-R4 board can only be updated with a control box because there is no ethernet programming cable for an MC-R3.

Configuring Ethernet Adapter

The process for connecting on a GX-60 and a PC are virtually identical.

  • You must configure the ethernet adapter settings on a GX-60 and PC to connect to the SL-R4 web interface.
  • For the GX-60/Windows XP:
    • Start > Settings > Control Panel > Network Connection > Local Area Connection > Properties > Internet Protocol(TCP/IP) > Properties.
  • For Windows 7 and up:
    • Start > Control Panel > Network and Sharing Center > Change Adapter Settings > Right Click > Properties > Internet Prococol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) > Properties.
  • IP Address:
  • Subnet Mask:
  • Default Gateway:
  • Preferred DNS server:

NOTE: MCXConfig is a standalone application for the GX-55.  Editing the network adapter settings is not required.

Connecting to the SL-R4

  • Use QTWeb on the GX-60 and any web broswer on a PC and enter the following address:
  • For a GX-55, open MCXConfig.
  • You should be brought to a login screen. The credentials are as follows:
    • Username: admin
    • Password: admin

Updating SL-R4 Firmware

  • In the navigation panel, go to Settings > Firmware.
  • Press Choose File. A Windows Explorer browser will appear. Navigate to the firmware you wish to upload.
  • Press Load Firmware.
  • A progress bar will appear. Do not shut off, disconnect or close the web browser.
  • You will be prompted to reboot the unit. Press Reboot.
  • This process is the same for all the different SL-R4 firmwares including Sitelink firmware (SL-100), machine contol firmware (MC-i4 and MC-R3) and modem firmware (internal UHF),
  • The only firmware not loaded this way is the GNSS firmware.