Blog: Top ten FAQs about unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV)

Last month our Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) expert, Mat Kellett was put to the test during our Twitter question and answer session. Take a look Mat’s responses to FAQs on UAV technology.

1. Why would you use a #UAV over more traditional #surveying tech? 

2. How much time can UAV save me compared to traditional land survey? 

3. What are the main uses of #UAVs in #construction?

4. What’s the difference between the Sirius pro & Falcon 8 #UAVs?

5. I want to become a #UAV pilot. How do I learn? 

6. How do I integrate #UAV data into the survey workflow?

7. How does the weather impact Topcon’s #UAVs?

8. Are drones only used in the initial stages of construction? 

9. Are they used to view the inside of buildings as well as outside?

10. Do #UAVs eliminate the need for other roles in the construction/building process?

Find out more about the Sirius Pro and Falcon 8 UAV’s here:

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