Beef Tracker: Adding Recipes

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Beef Tracker: Adding Recipes

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Recipes Quick Icon

  • Select the Recipe icon from the Quick Icons.

New Button

  • Once the recipe list is opened, select the New button in the lower left-hand side of the screen to add a recipe.

New Recipe

  • Fill-in a Display Name and Description for the new ration (6 alphanumerics).
  • Also fill in a rough estimation of the Density (required to build loads).
  • Then add ingredients to this recipe by selecting the Add Ingredients that you want to feed. 


Search Ingredients

  • Once the search ingredients box populates check mark the ingredients you wish to be in the receipe and select OK to return to the New Recipe screen.
  • Fill-in the amount you want to feed (kg/head or lbs/head) in the column Actual Load or Dry Matter.
  • You can delete an ingredient using the Delete button and move ingredients (load order) using the UP and Down buttons.
  • When finished, press OK to save the button.ration. Repeat steps as often as required.