Falcon 8 UAS: Setting the FLIR camera

How to set the FLIR camera on the inspection payload using the configuration file. 

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Falcon 8 UAS: Setting the FLIR camera

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Configuration file:

Configuration in the FLIR camera has to be set in the configuration file FLIRSD.CFG. This should be in the root of the SD card in the camera. If there is no configuration file available on the SD card you can create a new one by turning on the system with the SD card in the camera. A new configuration file with the default settings will be created on the SD card. 

Changing parameters in the configuration file:

  • The configuration file is set up as explained in the table below.
  • Every parameter first explains what it does and possible values. If using a parameter, remove the '#' and set a possible value.


Spot Meter Configuration:

  • If using a spotmeter, this parameter needs to be changed
  • If using the spot meter mode and changing it to Fahrenheit, it will be necessary to change the parameter as shown in the image (below)
  • Remove the # to make the spot meter parameter active and change the '2' to a '1' for using Fahrenheit, or leave it as a '2', if using Celsius. 

Isotherm Configuration:

  • The available parameters to set the isotherm values
  • The isotherm allows you to choose what temperature is shown where on the color palette
  • This give you the possibility to set the colors to show the temperatures you want to see. For example, if you want to detect heat leaks and only want to see where temperature is between 60-70 degrees Celsius. 
  • The parameters without a '#' are changed.