MAGNET Collage: Create a Workspace

Setting up a workspace in MAGNET Collage before starting a project and importing data. 

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MAGNET Collage: Create a Workspace

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You will need:

  • MAGNET Collage installed
    • Unlicensed MAGNET Collage will still run as a Viewer
    • Processing functionality is not available in demo mode
  • Processed mass data projects

Workspace Concept

  • Workspaces can hold multiple mass data projects
  • A project can be processed or unprocessed IP-S3, GLS-2000, RD-M1 or Combinations of point clouds from any source in a Model Project (Falcon 8 or Sirius data from 

Open MAGNET Collage

  • Collage will open and attempt to locate all resource for the last used workspace

Create a New Empty Workspace

  • Use File to access the New Workspace command
  • You can also use File to access:
    • Data import dialogs
    • Program settings
    • License management

Save the Workspace

  • The Workspace File path is defined in Settings
  • Give your *.col workspace a name

Add Data to the Workspace

Three ways to add data:

  • Via File menu
  • Via Quick Access toolbar
  • Via right-click on the workspace name

Locate the Data

  • Processed projects will automatically define the Coordinate system that they use
    • IP-S3 needs *.ipsx
    • RD-M1 needs *.rdmx
    • GLS needs *.prj

Visualizing the Data

  • The processed data will populate the Workspace explorer
  • All commands are contextual, dependent on what is selected
  • Use Right-click -> Jump To to jump to your data


  • Explore Map View or “Swap Map” to access the data in 3D