Pocket 3D: Display Options

An overview of the Display tab in Pocket3D

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Pocket 3D: Display Options

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There are several display options that can be changed to modify how Pocket3D looks.

  • Zoom: Zooms in/out of the project view.
  • Cursor: Toggles how the cursor function.  Options include Pan, Select, Polygon and Auto Pan
  • Show: Turns on several different on-screen elements including a scale bar, north arrow or a defined reference line.
  • Grid lines: Creates a user-defined grid of lines on the screen
  • Color selection: Changes the background color of the Pocket3D main screen.  The default color is black.
  • Language selection: Changes the language of Pocket3D between the installed options
  • About Pocket3D: Displays the program version and information regarding enabled options within the program.