Pocket 3D: Import/Export - Alignment to an RD3 file

Exporting an alignment file

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Pocket 3D: Import/Export - Alignment to an RD3 file

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An RD3 file is Topcon's proprietary file format for handling alignment data.

  • To export an RD3 file, go to Data > Alignment > Import/Export > To RD3 file...
  • When exporting to an RD3 file, you can only select a single alignment to export.  The program will let you select multiple, but it will only export the last alignment that was selected.
  • Once the alignment you wish to export has been selected, hit the three dot button next to the Export Alignment as field to set the destination of the file.
  • By default, Pocket3D will save the file to the \Topcon\3DMC\ folder on the data collector.  To save to a USB drive, you will need to navigate to the D:\ drive or USBHardDisk, depending on the type of collector you are using.
  • Once the file destination has been set, hit the Export button to create the file.
  • If the file was successfully created, Pocket3D should show the screen at right.
  • If the file location is shown as \TOPCON\3DMC\, the file was saved to the internal memory of the data collector and will not be on your USB drive.