Pocket 3D: Layer Management

Manage layers in Pocket 3D

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Pocket 3D: Layer Management

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Access the Layer Menu

  • Select the <Data> tab from the main menu.
  • From the Dropdown menu, choose the <Layer> option to display the layers dialog box.

Layer Visibility

  • From the layers dialog box, layers within the project can be turned on or off by checking or unchecking the corresponding box next to the layer name.

Layer Deletion

  • Layers may be deleted, if needed
  • Highlight the desired layer by tapping on the layer name, then select the <Delete> button.

Layer Editing

  • An existing layer may be edited by first highlighting the desired layer and selecting the <Edit> button.
  • From the dialog box, the layer name, color, and point symbol can be changed.
  • Point information can also be activated.
  • From the dialog box, selecting the <New> button allows for a new layer to be created. The layer name. color, and point symbol can be set.
  • Point information can also be activated.