Pocket 3D: Measure - Topo shot with Offset

Recording a topo shot with an offset

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Pocket 3D: Measure - Topo shot with Offset

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Pocket3D has a function to take a topo shot and apply a preset vertical offset to the grade shot.

This is particularly useful when shooting surveyed grade stakes on a jobsite to log their position for future use.

It can also be used to record the flowline of an existing draining structure that may be otherwise impossible to shoot with a GNSS rover.

  • To shoot a Topo Shot w/ Offset, go to Survey > Measure pts > Topo-shot w. offset

The Topo-shot screen is identical to taking a standard topo shot, with the exception of an Offset tab at the top.

  • Set the point parameters as needed, then click on the Offset tab.
  • In the Offset tab, the button to the right of the height field can be toggled between Above and Below.  The number represents where the actual point being shot is referenced to.
    • Above = Fill
    • Below = Cut
  • For the example at right, the stake shows a cut of 0.02'.  To correctly record this point, we need to tell Pocket3D that the actual point is located 0.02' BELOW our shot.
  • Hit the OK button and the point will be recorded.


  • When the shot is recorded, the observed elevation has the amount specified in the Offset tab applied to it.
  • For example, if we shot an elevation of 430.22, the point elevation would be lowered 0.02' to 430.20'.
  • Now, if we were to stake this recorded point out at the exact same location, it would show a cut of 0.02'