Topcon ContextCapture: Importing a Localization

This section covers how to import a localization into Topcon ContextCapture to use local coordinates with processed UAS data.

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Topcon ContextCapture: Importing a Localization

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Importing a Localization

  • To import a local coordinate system into Topcon ContextCapture, please perform the following steps:
    • For a new Reconstruction, select the Spatial Framework tab.
    • Under the Spatial Reference system section, select Spatial Reference system database.
    • Please note that the Spatial Reference system database can also be accessed when generating productions such as the 3D Mesh, 3D Point Cloud, Orthophoto/DSM.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the coordinate system list and select Define new user defined system, then select Edit.
  • Select Load File.
  • Navigate to the directory on the PC where the *.wkt or *.prj file for the local coordinate system is located and select Open.
  • Once Imported, select Ok.
  • The local coordinate system can now be selected from the Spatial Reference system pull down menu.