X20/SGR1: Firmware Update Procedure

Firmware update procedure for the SGR-1 via Floader from the X20

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X20/SGR1: Firmware Update Procedure

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Upgrading SGR-1 Receiver Firmware

  • With the SGR-1 receiver plugged directly into the X20 console, and the firmware on a USB plugged into the console

  • Open the Zynx Setup or GPS Setup software

  • Select the Radio tab

  • Use the drop-down box to select FLoader

  • Select Run Program

  • Make sure you have the correct PC Port set for the receiver (the current Com Port on the X20 Console that the SGR-1 is plugged into)
  • Match the settings to these settings pictured
  • Select the Device tab

  • Click on the Get from Device button to display the receiver information, including the current firmware version

Selecting RAM file

  • Select the Program tab

  • In the RAM file window, click on the Browse button 

  • Navigate to the firmware on the USB

Selecting Flash File

  • In the Flash file window, click on the Browse button
  • Navigate to the same folder and select the ramimage.ldr file

Load Firmware Files

  • Select the Load button to load the firmware
  • Wait until the bar reaches 100% and it shows Loading completed
  • Select Device tab
  • Select Get from Device to confirm that the loaded firmware is now showing